Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunday, August 8, 2010

just lovin' it!

A pretty quiet week on the bike after a few action packed ones. Plenty of trails and rides but not much camera action. We did get to Laramie to ride the Enduro again and third time was certainly not a charm for me. A 3rd Enduro with mechanicals and other issues makes me pretty certain I will not be back to ride the impromptu course that is cow field, fire roads, and some trail to keep it sort of real. Despite waning interest in the race, I still love the support of people of Laramie, good people for certain!

So, I shredded my rear tire sidewall in one of the, seemingly increasing, sections you ride within a ft of barbed wire fence. I quickly lost contact with most of the people I was riding with while I made the repair with empty gel packs and a tube. I had already passed the 3rd aid station which is where you can drop spare co2 and tubes so I had to go with high pressure from my big air can to ensure no pinch flats. About a 1/2hr later, I had some seatpost issues that saw my seat drop causing me to make adjustments a cpl times until my allen key blew apart that is! I just went with a low saddle height after finally using a piece of wood under the broken key to tighten my post. At that point I had obviously lost a lot of time and motivation and was just trying to finish before the heat turned up anymore than it already had. The lower seat height played tricks on me but after slamming a mini coke before headquarters climb to reverse a leg cramp, I knew all would be OK once I finished.

It was a bummer since we were told we were only 4-5 mins behind all but the lead SSers at mile 30 but things have a way of quickly turning south out there and this day would be a classic Laramie Enduro for me.

Jessica had a great race though and her 29er wheels cut some serious time off last years time.

2nd by only 2 mins or so. She even made money!

this was what was left of my muti tool after the race.

Sammycat skipped the race despite her impressive resting heart rate.

A little more my speed these days. One of several pickings out of the garden last week. We have been eating well I must say and saving food for winter.

I helped the great people of Infinit Nutrition last weekend at the Ironman qualifier by helping work their booth at the event. I learned quite a bit about nutrition and met several extremely happy customers of Infinit (some of which hide it in their sponsors name brand bottle;) and I was impressed with the level of competitors who are using the product successfully. I met a nutritionist at the event who specializes in athletes and she explained some interesting facts to me. I figured out why most gels like hammer and carboom, etc. don't work for me during events after a couple of gels. It really made sense.

Either way, I am super excited to get my first Infinit order. They sponsor the Bach Builders Team but I have never really explored their options as I used to think it was a bit out of my league. Well, customizing your nutrition to your specific needs is cheaper than you may think. If you have never checked them out, go to the Infinit website and read a little. You even get to name your own custom mixes. So far I have IPA and Beer as my custom mixes!

more soon

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

50 on the 4th

By far my roughest FC50 to date but certainly still a great weekend in Breck. Fork issues, leaking tires, cramps, a big crash, and overall sluggish feel had me less than hammering but I finished to fight another day.

Jessica took 4th on the 4th on big wheels and I am sure she would have been able to easily take 3rd had she only been able to train a little more these past few weeks that saw her preparing for an art opening in Denver on the 8th.

My body took several shots when I crashed but the worst was the one my frame took.

Can't wait for my Ti frame.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

here and there

Lot's of riding and melting happening these days. The trails are opening and life is good.

I was lucky enough to score a sample camelbak podium bottle and while I will not say it's gauranteed to get you on the podium, I love the hands free nozzle design.

Enjoying the Specialized saddle I put on the road bike this year as well.

The warm weather has been freeing the trails weekly and our sights are set on yonder mountains.

Old school

that's all

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

just warming up

The riding has been the same old same old lately hence, lack of post motivation. The good news is, the mercury is rising and the trails are drying! It has been a longer than usual spring and a delayed start for the trails up high, not to mention the garden but the sun and wind have joined forces and the trails are shaping up. Hopefully there will be some exploration up high this weekend to see what is currently on the seasonal trail menu.

Glaringly obvious?

I linked up with Shy Ronnie last Saturday for a little soup du jour. We took a long climb out of town and poked around the mtns linking together a pretty good ride that offered a bit of everything.

Timing can literally be everything, as was the case here. Bad timing deer, good timing us.

After some different routes and a cut through trail, we dropped into the welcoming arms of the Little Church. All are welcome as should be the case with any place of worship.
We then shot up to Switzerland Trail and confirmed it was indeed clear. We only saw one patch of trail side snow that seemed to be on it's last legs. It was nice to reunite the tires with some dry trails and jeep road and get some SS climbing under the belt.
This week looks promising so stay tuned for future spice.

Not your mother's pizza bread.

Sunday, May 2, 2010